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The Oldy Club, formerly Aintree Royal British Legion, Is a club devoted to bridging gaps in the community and creating a local pub where everyone can feel comfortable and have a good time without having to travel into the city centre – A home away from home! We have something for everyone ranging from Motown Nights to Cheesy 80’s Karaoke nights, from Big band live charity events to quiet escapes with a pint and a game of snooker. 

Our doors are always open and our we’re always ready to listen to any suggestions you should have, this is the community’s club and as such we think you should have a say in what happens! So if you have a bright idea for your perfect night, let us know and we’ll see what we can do! 

We like to think that community spirit is thriving in Old Roan and further the whole of Liverpool and we’ve proved this with the success of our charity nights! In 3 years we have raised vastly over £7,000 for various charities through charity events which have been described by the hundreds that attend as the ‘Best nights of the year’, so keep your eye out for these events and we highly recommend you try it for yourself – You will not be disappointed! 

We’ve had a fantastic year at The Oldy Club that has saw countless amazing nights whether it be magicians, fire-eaters, big band nights, Wagner from the X factor! And simple live acoustic Wednesdays, we guarantee you’ll find something for you in The Oldy Club.

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